Ho Chi Minh City, April 10th 2020

Aiming to become an entertainment company using modern technology transforming strongly to salvage advantage and potential of the trendy entertainment market on the internet environment, Fim+ has announced to change its brand name to Galaxy Play, update brand identity, interfaces to customers from April 15, 2020.

Galaxy Play’s brand name is simple, familiar, easy to read and remember. It also shows a young and dynamic spirit. This new brand confirms Galaxy Play as an arm of Galaxy Media & Entertainment Group, also known as Galaxy EE.

The logo which is modernly designed creates a feeling of continuous movement with the message that Galaxy Play is not only a movie online streaming platform but an endless entertainment universe.

Appearance of newly-introduced Galaxy Play brand name

The triangle-shaped “Play" logo combining with the curved ellipse, a stylized galaxy symbol, creates a unique and distinct brand identity for Galaxy Play. The triangle block with three vertices also expresses the concept of a stable tripod in the Vietnamese perspective.

Logo of Galaxy Play application on mobile devices

Five years after being established in 2015, Fim+ has become the No. 1 copyrighted movie-on-demand service provider in Vietnam, according to recognition by the Vietnam Digital Media Association.

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