Dutch Lady 20+



Background: Base on result of SEANUTS (The South East Asia Nutrition Survey) FrieslandCampina Vietnam launched the new liquid milk which be added 20+ essential nutrition that meet Vietnamese children's nutrition need.

Task: A PR campaign with 2 touch points to moms and kids to convey the message "Dutch Lady 20+ with essential nutrients help kids to conquer daily challenges"


A 3 phases communication plan has deployed to create curiosity about essential nutrient, introduce new product and build loyalty and referral among DL 20+ moms & kids. A club of 20+ moms has been established with some well-known moms as key members. Together with experts in nutrition and psychology, the club has travelled to 4 big cities to share updated knowledge about how to help kids conquer daily challenge. These activities were appreciated by moms and shared on program website, articles and TVs