Dutch Lady: Brand Building


dutchlady-contentSummary: Dutch Lady Brand was constantly under VNM's attacks, indicating that Dutch Lady is not fresh and is made out of recombined milk. Dutch Lady ran an intensive PR campaign about the stringent process and high quality standards to widely reinforce the brand's credibility after the crisis. In order to differ our positioning in the PR fight, the Dutch Lady brand wanted its own unique "total quality management" with the latest & greatest technology in the world called from "grass to glass"

Challenge: to strengthen and confirm that Dutch Lady is The SAFEST NUTRITIONAL CHOICE

Strategy: focus on our campaign message "Dutch Lady is the safest nutritional choice because only Dutch Lady can assure the quality of the entire production from "GRASS TO GLASS" using their unique 7 steps quality control process. Very heavy media exposure in only about 5 weeks on all key targeted newspapers/magazines (both mass/female/kids magazines)/online channels to create strong branding

Outcome: Brand Trust was built through very heavy media exposure in only 5 weeks time with 53 articles focusing Dutch Lady quality of the entire production from "GRASS TO GLASS" and 7steps unique-quality control process using newspapers/magazines/online channels.

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