PR Campaign for Vietnam’ Idol 2008


  • To build up and promote 'Vietnam Idol' profile among target audiences together with CLEAR's sponsorship.
  • To promote 'Vietnam Idol' spirit of "the show for all" as one of the most expected show of the year and make it "a talk of town" since the invitation period as well as sustaining viewers and voters


  • Media partnership effectiveness
    • Diversified media collaboration has filled almost popular news sources both online and traditional print media.
    • Special section/ micro sites of Vietnam Idol have been deployed on:
    • Over 1millions daily page views
    • cases-studies-vietnam-idol-2The most popular website for teen:
      • Total page views from Aug-mid Jan: 333,647,958
      • Average daily page views to column: 1,700,000
      • Average weekly page views to column: 12,000,000
      • Average daily visitors: 212,500
      • Total visitors: 41,705,998
    • 90% coverage posted on the partnership media were covered by other

Target set: 500 ++ coverage

ACTUAL ROI: Over 1,200 coverage monitored by end of January 2009.

Total weekly coverage


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