Dutch Lady Complete

dutch-lady-completeBackground: 50% Vietnamese children are picky eaters. It also means nearly a half of Vietnamese parents is suffering from that, which leads to the fact that mealtimes is like a battle between moms & kids.

Dutch Lady Complete with A, B1, C, D and Fe will help turn the battle in mealtime into game. No stress, no battles, no worry about undernourishment any more; now moms & kids can together enjoy the fun of eating thanks to Dutch Lady Complete

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Dutch Lady 20+

dutch-lady-20-plusBackground: Base on result of SEANUTS (The South East Asia Nutrition Survey) FrieslandCampina Vietnam launched the new liquid milk which be added 20+ essential nutrition that meet Vietnamese children's nutrition need.

Task: A PR campaign with 2 touch points to moms and kids to convey the message "Dutch Lady 20+ with essential nutrients help kids to conquer daily challenges"

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